Author Topic: A RAP SONG THINNER AND I MADE!!!!!!!!!  (Read 635 times)

my name is philip i am a poet

ggood rap bro dont listen to the haters

experimental vocal technique with the clipping of the mic 90% of the time. 10/10 bnm

white rappers just aint the same anymore

Ay yo it's your boy Thinner on the beat.

So rich in Robux
You are rich in no bux
I am so frickin cool
I don't buy frickin Pools

Your noob
Nothin but a noob
And your hand looks like a frickin cube!
And i'm better than you.
I'm better than you.
Stupid noob.
Nothing but a noob.
I'm so cool, I watch youtube.
Nothin but a noob, nothin but a noob-a.

And I like minecraft, I mine in the mineshaft yuh
Go to minecon every year
Bet you can't even hear
Good raps they just don't appear
They come outta minds like mine
And they won't disappear

In the hall of fame you're in the hall of lame
I'm cool
So when you stare, don't drool
Stay in school
My vbucks are lit, and you don't even have a bit
I'm like a god with a squad.

You look odd.
Alright, done roastin noobs
Nothin but straight up noobs
They are bad, and i'm glad
They, they have no bucks, and i'm glad that I have robux
Roasted, and Fuzzy-toasted

Straight fire. We dry fire cars and we spit mad ballers baby!

so rich in robux, you are rich in no bux

whoever wrote these lyrics rivals the intellect of the likes of albert einstein

maybe i will unban you from my server for this gold

honestly I hate this but the fact that there's still squeakers means at least some new players are still trickling in.