Author Topic: whats da biggest w you ever took while gaming  (Read 1003 times)

first dub i ever got on fortnite was a back-to-back deagle headshot on two guys and i went absolute apestuff.

the crazy part is that this was just extremely lucky and bloom seemed to just give me rng jesus
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yesterday i bought one summer crate key and got my first unusual

Solo flawless prophecy in 17 min.

just beat a pokemon firered romhack IN ONE SITTING. i also got a shiny in the process

beating akumu mode on The Evil Within 1 and 2

i fragged soulja boy in a halo 3 slayer match in 2008
how do we know it was soulja boy

how do we know it was soulja boy
because the gamertag was souljaboytellem

finally killing alatreon with a friend on mhw

Reaching Champion rank in ranked SWAT on Halo 5 (Champion is top 200 players)