Author Topic: achernar - bad discord mod admin  (Read 856 times)

he is a bad admin his presence made like 3 people leave he is a bad discord admin i should be the mod instead but no i never get my way

he was also mean to me but i almost forgave him when he tried apologizing but it turned out i was getting trolled

yea he called me a retard smh I cant believe he would do such a thing. smh how crude god i cant believe this, life is terrible man

this is slander of the highest order

i only made two people leave thank you very much

guys i'm only gonna ask this once please keep memes out of #general thanks

achernar is based /nosupport

now i know that aint true
he's based on facts and logic and let me tell you, they don't care about your feelings pal

has stuff taste in music /support