Author Topic: The Blockland Forums Hunger Games #7.5 (wise fwom your gwave)  (Read 17179 times)

gayboy's gonna be the first to die im calling it

ok instead put me with swift I trust that man

i want to be with fuzztoast

hey can the spectators do stuff like use traps, i dont wanna join but i wanna forget over those who do join

i want to be with fuzztoast
they... killed me, because im fuzztoast, a lot of people dont understand i try to be nice, but they just ban me get me out of their lives... they tell me to change my name and be nice and they will like me, but no, fuzztoast is my name... i love fuzztoast name... and i will be nice and will not swear word ever

can i be in the game again please im so sorry for being fuzztoast

i'll give it a day or two. if 5+ new people wish to join, i'll raise the slots up to 36 instead

bro cm dew it so spectators can forget over ppl

im starting to get really hungry for some hunger games.

someone here wasn't as they appeared to be I know who you are fella

cheese you're in instead

cheese you better not forget this up