Author Topic: Sugar/Akira give Another chance in the server  (Read 6115 times)

mass deletion of evidence

but yeah they're trying to report Sugar's account

this is what happens when you treat your children like trash people. they turn into this.

They keep pinning videos of Sugar this is so retarded

They keep pinning videos of Sugar this is so retarded
Yeah I don't know get Ark is doing. He is also acting smug about getting banned Sugar for Zoophilia and child enthusiasm.

reminder to play blockland da game where you bild stuff

"bro stfu we dont even talk about her anymore brooo!"

bruh this stuff happens like all the time in discord, in that sorta "weird friend among a group of friends" sorta stuff

like if imma be honest Sugar, you probs should stay away from this server n stuff. This stuff happens all the time in discord and it's genuinely a cesspool. Like, if the loving BLOCKLAND FORUMS, as infamously toxic as it is, is telling you to avoid the discord, you know it's basically hell in there.

I've had this stuff happen to me before in a certain situation where in one of my friends' cousins was called out for his autism or whatever and basically tormented by some asswipe for some purpose, to whatever the forget bullies have shoved up their ass. The cousin was hilarious to be around right, he's that sorta hilarious explosively quirky manchild who you can appreciate for his zaniness, and like me and some others understand him just enough to befriend and keep a lookout for like a cardboard fortress, as in we'll take down the defense every now and then and tease him, but in all fun and games. We know our limits and stuff right, but we love to irritate him with the dumbest stuff imaginable as if it were little pranks. It's a hard bond to describe but I'm sure that can convey the picture.
When some chad came in and tried to record the cousin without any sort of indication that he was filming, he purposefully riled him up to the point where he started slamming things and screaming and stuff. Mf made a video pretty much just showing a random kid having an autistic fit of rage with no other context of the torment that lead to it. He fully showed his username and detailing how to forget with him and stuff. After scolding the starfish, we gave him another  chance right, but instantly he forgets up and just 2 days later he grabs another friend to bully the hell out of the kid, while the same chad comes in all sleeper-agent mode with an alternate account and records the entire cesspool. In the vid we're trying to calm him down while these pratty little starfishs just beat the stuff out of an autistic kid for some crude reason. Despite the clear indication that we're trying to aid the dude, these cunts paint a bad picture on the kid and us and call us a whole myriad of things. After we block them and throw them out of the whole group, the original stuffstain tries whatever he can to get any sort of reaction out of the kid, despite being almost entirely disconnected from them, until he eventually is faded out of the picture.

Sugar if I were you, it might be hard bc there's people that you like in the group n stuff right, but leave that group. Not just the server, but the people who forget with you in it too. If there's people going as far as to trying to DOXX your ass because you just exist, leave. These tryhards have your address and stuff, and that's scary. And as funny as it would be to see one of these retards slip up and land prison time somehow, it's not worth to see what the forget they would mindlessly do with that kind of information. These seem like the same kind of basement dwelling degenerates who wouldn't bat an eye if they left some sort of hentai or cheese pizza lying in their parents living room. If there's chill people in the community, maybe DM some of the people that you can trust, but be certain that it's people you can count on, bc if any sort of word gets out to the people who are loving with you, that cycle's gonna repeat. No matter the promises of toning down the torment or any sort of sorrow, it's gonna repeat and get worse and worse. Just block these cunts and leave them in the dust. If you need help, like seriously contact some of the people that you can trust n stuff. Dunno your community at all but like, deadass, if loving blocklanders are telling you it's bad, it's pretty loving bad.

Like fr, idk how many people tell you this but your presence is not only a meme, but a blessing in this dying community, hate to see you depressed n goin through this stuff b, look after yourself for us and get rid of this bs from your life

(also idk why yu would chill with creeps n anime eboys n thots n stuff lool they giga degens with forks 4 inches up their asses loool)

This discord server, is so bad, even BLF doesn't want to touch it. Damn fine poetry. Now Sugar, I'd dip. This Discord. This more toxic then some of the BLF servers I've been in. Kind of glad I don't use discord anymore, GF said it wasn't good for me and I agree.

Anyways, ultimate justice would be this server getting blown out, I'm interested to see where this goes. Hopefully Sugar is okay. She doesn't deserve any of this, especially from a crew of dumbasses who are so far gone from humanity they can't see what they're doing is wrong.

*from this discord.

Loss of edit in drama is a national tragedy

I'm on one of the servers shes in and is facing a crap load of nonsense
I never left cause why not
The thing has roles about how old you are, and basically your life story
There's also a selfies channel, because who doesn't like having underaged people poet selfies in your discord (/s, I'm not a creep)

you know something is horrible when the loving BLF refuses to touch it

They just turned a kid's face into an emoji and started to bully him the same way they did with Sugar.

Oh and they also pinged everyone to raid a server, are they just asking to get banned?