Author Topic: rap music loops  (Read 354 times)

I got bored and realized that there weren't many rap song loops in blockland

Chief Keef
  • Faneto
  • Finally Rich
  • Hate Bein Sober
  • I Dont Know
  • I Dont Like (cut out Lil Reese)
  • Laughin To The Bank
  • Love Sosa
  • They Know
  • Uh Uh (im gravely sorry  but i had to remove the Uh Uh parts so it wouldn't exceed 1Mb)

Lil Baby
  • First Class
  • Freestyle (cut out the intro part cause "popping these percs i done turned to a savage" is just too good to have to trim)
  • Life Goes On (had to cut off Gunna a bit cause it's a really long song
  • My Dawg

Lil Uzi Vert
  • 20 min
  • Electricity (kind of a joke, its from detective pikachu)
  • Futsal Shuffle
  • Loaded
  • LUV Scars K.o 1600
  • Myron
  • Over Your Head (had to cut off most of Future)
  • Paradise
  • Patek (had to cut off Future again)
  • Pretty Mami
  • Sanguine Paradise
  • Secure The Bag
  • The Way Life Goes
  • You're Lost

Playboi Carti
  • Lean 4 Real
  • Mileage (i made sure chief keef was in there)
  • RIP
  • Shoota (sadly had to cut off uzi's first verse but I put in his second verse from the leak and also carti's verse)
  • Yah Mean

Polo G
  • 21
  • Be Something (had to cut out Lil Baby's part sadly)
  • Deep Wounds
  • DND
  • Finer Things
  • Gang With Me
  • Heartless
  • Icy Girl Remix
  • Pop Out (had to cut out Lil Tjay's verse)
  • Relentless
  • The Race Freestyle
  • Welcome Back

  • 3 headed goat (only polo g's verse)
  • bandana (its basically like this idk why i made this)
  • balenci

I can do suggestions if you want but only like the music above (no i wont do cardi b or logic or NAV or 21 savage or anyone else that i sleep on forever)
some I want to do in the future are travis scott, 2pac, and roddy rich