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just skip it and go directly to V23

I personally love playing Blockland! I have over four hundred hours on my Steam and that's in addition to the 4,000+ hours I played before I moved...was FOECED to move to Steam.

I think the reason I like it is because it's easy for us simple minded folk to mess around with. It's not nearly as easy to make a map in Gmod with events and stuff, and the Bots Badspot added make the game fun even when playing alone. (this coming from a guy who's only joined an online server in this game about seven times) I've had lots of fun trying to create my own chaotic representations of games like Serious Sam, Doom, Battlefield, Halo, Overwatch, Mario Kart, Call of Dookie, Point'n Clicks, top-down shooters, a small Metro Exodus attempt with a buncha RNG enemy placements, and even Spelunky. (Albeit that last one never even got a few hours off the ground) All with Bots, by the way. The Bots strafe ram you like idiots, but you can edit their cs files to keep them from doing that and make some really unpredictable and challenging experiences. The only thing keeping me from playing the game even more is Bot pathfinding, which Crook (What took you so long you magnificent human being!) is hashing out.

Actually, Crook is doing a lot of crazy stuff that I never thought I'd see in the game.

The only real complaint I have with the bots though is their weird aiming mechanics. They don't aim while firing for some reason, dumbing the difficulty to boring levels at times. I also can't keep them from chasing me down when I just want them to stay at spawn and shoot! I've been trying to figure that one out since V21 released, and I'm shocked that no one has made a boolean event for Bots being able to move! It makes me wonder if most of the players have even experimented with the Bots.

Cause why go through the trouble of making a map, setting up a server, and repeatedly being asked for admin while they call you obscenities when you could just use completely subservient Bots? #BotGangSuperiorRace

stuff bro adel's comment's loving broken

reposting b/c this stuff is priceless

this aint a service, so I don't understand why everyone wants an update. badspot has likely weighed out all of the pros and cons of shipping another update and realized it won't satisfy everyone. I personally think the decision to abandon the game was with v21, not writing to a new engine (there are likely many factors other than this though) was a clear sign that there wasn't much motivation in the dev's to innovate the concept. and that was 2012. I can imagine he will still maintain everything.