Author Topic: Top 10 blockland facts that are true  (Read 234 times)

welcome back to another top 10, This top 10 is blockland facts that are true so lets get in to it

number 1: Celau didn't do may 2nd hacking according to compix he said that caden100 acutally did it
number 2: Freeday was arrested for ddosing tekari and block after he was impeached from mayor in community rp (wow freeday is toxic)
number 3: Jinux was alt of rtb owner, since he shutdown rtb because it was stuff. He made bl glass
number 4: BLF were made so everyone can make drama topics on games they got banned from
number 5: Tekari lies
number 6: According to dna of Kickkat, he is ghost
number 7: Badspot got arrested on august 16th
number 8: Grapple knife was not hacked, no keys were used
number 9: 19 created
number 10: demo versions log ips now
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