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gave up hosting whenever i  became steamID banned

now i just do nothing

I remember back when ambiguous topic titles were a no-no.

I've always been kind of uncreative so I've never played Blockland super duper seriously, it was mostly game modes and the community that really got me hooked. Mostly played a lot of city RP.
At this point the format is kind of stale, it's very time consuming to make anything and there are a lot of games nowadays that scratch the itch of creating something without the pain of making out of legos.

Yes though Blockland/Brickadia truly allow you to form some serious detail but as I struggle creatively so it's always gonna look like Minecraft/Terraria anyways.

ever since i got something to do in my free time & since celau decided to kill a whimpering dog not really no
i occasionally check on the forums and post very rarely at this point