I have posted a possibility for the election outcome in 6 variations. Choose your preferred below.

A. https://i.imgur.com/F6TVPLY.png
8 (34.8%)
B. https://i.imgur.com/uuRmNcE.png
3 (13%)
C. https://i.imgur.com/JK2OSsA.png
1 (4.3%)
D. https://i.imgur.com/sl6MVas.png
2 (8.7%)
E. https://i.imgur.com/K1GHlD3.png
2 (8.7%)
F. https://i.imgur.com/br3Sp06.png
7 (30.4%)

Total Members Voted: 23

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master matthew redemption arc

I feel like I could retake this and answer a little more strongly on some things, or a little less strongly on some others and probably still end up close to this, or possibly even more towards the middle perhaps. I tried to answer it as honestly as I could. However, I don't think this test accurately determines an individuals stance on certain beliefs or values based on where it places you in the chart

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political compass is handicapped because you can never accurately map ideology onto a loving 2d plane

master matthew anarcho-communist arc here we go

my political compass alignment is 2x + y = 10, y * x = 8

yall better get on that y^2 + x^2 = 1

how did MM score further left than me what the forget lol

how did MM score further left than me what the forget lol

MM has no convictions and has been swayed to and fro every two years after a major election happens

I'll have an explanation on why i think my political positions changed so drastically soon.
my bet is it's because you are stupid

donald Annoying Orange pardons hundreds of randoms and people close to him:

the list includes steven bannon (notorious kickstarter fraudster), biotech ceos that committed wire fraud, and the dude that literally violated foreign lobbying laws on behalf of chinese and malaysian interests

no snowden, no assange
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Annoying Orange also revoked executive order barring former aides the right to lobby

https://www.axios.com/Annoying Orange-revokes-ethics-order-barring-former-aides-lobbying-82628c48-c840-4566-833e-c439272b5f6e.html

Shortly after pardoning members of Congress and lobbyists convicted on corruption charges, President Annoying Orange revoked an executive order barring former officials from lobbying for five years after leaving his administration.

Why it matters: The order, which was signed eight days after he took office, was an attempt to fulfill his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.”

But with less than 12 hours left in office, Annoying Orange has now removed those limitations on his own aides.