Author Topic: discord mod megathread  (Read 367 times)

discuss all things discord and prison related here

you must be a discord moderator.
your server must have at least 100 members and 3 active members.
you must remove everything and everyone that contradicts your opinions and beliefs.
you have no job and spend all day watching people's conversations to make sure they don't speak the wrong language.
at least 2 rape accusations have been made against you
if you do not apply to any of the above, you are not allowed in this thread.

hi guys, this is my first time moderating on discord :)) go easy on me guys... and girls.... :DDDD

did you just disrespect the chinese government? banned for instigation.

*spam invites for a server that advertises an NSFW chat*
*server doesn't have NSFW chat, like a boss*

Honestly we need to encourage kids to go back into public chatting places and away from private chatrooms, speaking as someone who was unknowingly groomed for while (I'm talking 2012-2014), it's important we give them their own places to talk but in an easily supervisable place. Sure there'd be a lot of cringe open for the public to see, but that's a problem with society and it's better than the alternative...

I don't get discord with more than like 20 maybe 30 people

i used to moderate for a server and it forgeted up my mental health really badly because i would compulsively check the chat
also the whole shizza04 thing happened because of that so uhhhhhhh