Author Topic: I made a dark theme userstyle for BLF  (Read 343 times)

My eyes were so sensitive yesterday that I decided to make a userstyle making BLF more "modern" by making everything dark and flat. Just like modern day internet! Looks more like a forum theme from 2010 tbh blame SMF
I also got rid of some unnecessary stuff like the Blockland Forum title, SMF logo and some empty spaces.

Stylus (Firefox) (Chrome) is required.


The code license is CC0 so you are free to do whatever you want with it.

Nice work, I really like it!

downvoted for african american

i can finally read the forums without blindness

I noticed the userstyle was being applied globally so it'd also mess with the other websites like Google. Now I have fixed it so it only applies on BLF now. People who are using it may receive an update and if not, try reinstalling the userstyle.

EDIT: So to update you'll have to click the Stylus icon, go to manage and press the update button near the delete button and press the green button in order to install the new updates.
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I just want you to know that I love you for this.

Much better! Very wonderful work.