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Do you ever have those trolls that you trust messing with your builds? Painting lewd images in the bricks? Changing text blocks to say something else? Plain old just making your walls invisible for an advantage? Creating events that spam the server? Then when you approach them, the finger pointing begins and you never are able to pin down exactly who did it. Well wouldn't it be nice to have a server side addon that logs who made the last changes to your bricks, or a log history? Wouldn't it be nice to wipe away the headache of trying to figure out which person you trusted was messing with your crap? I propose a log wand. Wand a brick and it would tell you who made the last changes to said brick in every category. Paint color, events, collision, rendering...

this is how you multiply the size of bls files far beyond reasonable sizes

Here is a possible idea that could work. When a brick is planted, painted, or wrench events applied, assign %brick.lastClient as the modifier. From here we could use a command (an item such as a wand like you suggested) which would display %brick.lastClient to the person using the command/hitting the brick

This way you could easily find out who last modified whatever brick

EDIT: It's finished, see
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