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Author Topic: is cityrpg lame  (Read 636 times)

cityrpg would be fun if they replaced the gamemode with conans jailbreak

fun is subjective but city rpg objectively loving sucks
chop tree for 5 hours
get killed by server host's friend
I spent 3 hours getting cash from labor and it took me so long cause of the 20 times I died
I legit wanted level 3 Smart™️ so I could be a cop and shoot people
cityrpg is actually the most well designed gamemode in blockland's history. it makes you play cookie clicker for 3 hours to unlock the next level which is spending 2 hours building your castle so the server can keep its player count as inflated as possible. then you get a job that lets you spawn with a gun and feel like your hard work has paid off
then the server shuts down

Yeah ive noticed this.

I'm working on an edit of version of City RPG with the drug bricks.

First thing to note.
If statement overload. Nobody heard of loops?
I see them ocaisonally here, but theyre rare. Ive also seen a single switch statement. Comments are sparse, usually just for chaptering.

Eitherway. I want to add farming later down the line. First thing though is QoL updates, and basic optimization.

Also my version seems to be missing all of the parts needed to have merchants who sell clothes or food. Also hunger was missing, but that was easy to reimplement.

Either way, this thing is a mess.
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City RP is inherently unfixable.
It's super boring, and the only thing keeping players there is the grind.
Fixing city RP means removing the grind.
Removing the grind will remove the players.

Maybe if there was one which actually consistenly had a high player count. But I've yet to see one. Often it's just a huge city, with maybe 5-10 players. Usually feels very lonely.

City RP is inherently unfixable.
It's super boring, and the only thing keeping players there is the grind.
Fixing city RP means removing the grind.
Removing the grind will remove the players.
Thats because city rpg lacks rewards.

Removing the grind and adding rewards for certain achievments isn't beyond possible.

Also im planning on making this, once its finished, an homage to some of the most famous blockland servers in one.
They wont be fantastic as much as theyre an interactable museum. In which players can request more to be added.

But as for now I still need to clean up the mess.

short answer: yes

long answer: no

every city rpg inevitably turns into a dm because of the power that players get through gameplay
everyone will eventually reach a position where there isn't anything to do other than kill people or build things
if u can find a way to keep introducing new content or establish a good gameplay loop that doesnt devolve into mindless pvp for the sake of griefing, then that's when the gamemode is enjoyable

You can't improve CityRPG after all.
Somebody once joined a CityRPG server I was in and started bragging about how they were going to host a better CityRPG with more features and people in there were getting hyped for it.
Days later and it turned out to be the same stuff with 3 times more grinding with there being 5 categories of education and the only decent paying job being Miner and an end game job that lets you spawn with a gun.

cityrpg needs more interconnectivity, the game just feels like an idle game but occasionally some retard beats you to death

add in stuff like companies where you can hire players, have other players as clients, and other players as workers. would actually feel like a city instead of cookie clicker with guns

CRPG is a great idea with poor execution. Extending blockland's best feature (building) is the gamemode's strongest element. it's weakest element is early game. CRPG's reputation as a doomed irreparable disaster is imo pretty unfounded but exacerbated by hosts who go out of their way to modify the gamemode and add bells and whistles but fail to address the core issues

idea: add zombies or something. make it so outside the city zombies spawn in certain areas and you can go hunt them for cash. some zombies are stronger than others. this gives you something to do in the early game and something to kill in the late game with your expensive guns other than helpless players trapped in the early game
early game: kill weak zombies
mid game: build lot and do crime or job or whatever
late game: buy big epic guns to kill strong zombies
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hmm, maybe people need to pay more attention to the "rp" in crpg

I'm glad they moved /job and /education to an infobrick. Typing /job was too convenient, I'd rather walk all the way across the city to a brick to find out how much education a job requires and halfway back to find the education brick to bribe a college for a degree.

Driver's licenses were also a great addition. Just like in real life, not having a driver's license prevents you from entering a vehicle as both a driver and a passenger. Then you walk to the DMV and bribe the clerk $100 to be able to get past the invisible force field attached to all vehicles.

Kill stuff, Loot, Get paid
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