Author Topic: yo I'm back what'd I miss  (Read 368 times)

right right.... of course! i know all of the blockland lore especially when it comes to awesome super funny trogtor
imagine thinking YOU of all retards has orbiters lmao
Now, let me tell you. I've been around. I was in a discord once, and I said something to this furry research artist and he kicked me in the nuts. Can you believe that? Now, listen! I don't take stuff from nobody, especially a man who draws animals having love. So I grab him by the loving hair, and I bounce his head BSH. BSH. BSH. Right, okay. Who's in charge now, huh? So, suddenly this scaly comes out and he attacks me! I grab a beer bottle PAP. Break it on the table, STAB IT IN HIS FACE and he goes he goes KEUGHH! EUGHH! AND HE'S BLEEDING EVERYWHERE AND DOWN HE GOES and he had GLASS in his eye. Furry research artist screams OH WHAT'S GOING ON I NEED TO GO- and I look at him in the eye and I say Listen, buddy. This day of misery has just begun. BSH. BSH. BSH. Right in the loving face. And another furry comes to me with a pool cue and I'm like Uh-oh! Not enough weapons now? Okay, see. Listen. You gonna do something with that? And I slit his throat. SHHLT. Over and out. And he was gurgling and then I look at his face and I started laughing. HAAAAAAHAHA! And Nal? It was unbelievable! forget YOU, NAL! I deleted Discord, walked out of my room, and took a nice, warm, bubble bath.