Author Topic: Blockland Machinima: The Swashbucklers (Pirate Film)  (Read 197 times)

I'm proud to announce, I've finally finished and released the pirate film that has been in the works since April, 2020. Ladies and gentlemen, Blockbusters Productions proudly presents: The Swashbucklers.

Synopsis: The film is set in the Golden Age of Piracy, focusing on a gang of smugglers who steal a British vessel sailing the North Atlantic Sea, yet they seem to bite off more than they could chew along the way.

Watch the full film here

Add-ons used:
  • Newtonian Camera
  • FilmBot
  • Film mode
  • Blunderbuss
  • Knife
(and others...)

Join the Blockbusters Productions Discord server to get involved with the film making process:

glad someones keeping blockland machinima alive

ultimate plot twist: I pirate your film about pirates

I appreciate this being shot in 4:3, feels very authentically Blockland that way

The 480p was an error though, and is the result of some complications with the video-editor software I used. I was really hoping it'd come out either 1080p, or at least 720p. 

ultimate plot twist: I pirate your film about pirates

Yarg! Not me adscence revenue!