Author Topic: BREAKING NEWS: Alabama state officals pass law making it legal to hunt "furries"  (Read 524 times)


MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA: A new law has just been passed by Alabama state officials, making it legal to hunt members of the furry fandom if they're wearing a fursuit out in public. This stigma towards furries is nothing new, as a few months ago, Alabama state officials approved funding for a furry conversion camp where "furries would be un-furry'd", and would be forced to burn their fursuit in a bonfire upon arrival.

Meanwhile, "I'm TIRED of seeing this stupid ass motherforgeters dressing up as neon colored wolves and loving at the park! I'll finally be able to pop a loving cap in these worthless stuffs!" says William Robert Bean, a resident in the small town of Scottsboro, where a furry meet had been held in the park across the street from his house.

Alabama state officials are also considering passing a law that makes it so that fursuiters can legally be kidnapped, and taken and put in an exhibit at the zoo. Lawmakers say that "it only makes sense, considering that they're dressing up as animals, so it must mean they WANT to be animals".

As the story develops, we will inform the public with more information on the new laws and what to expect.

Good! Like to pretend to be animal? Get treated like one.

me and the boys heading to the furry purge

sometime tries to shot me??? Well.. they beter be prepaird ... i am a furry, and proud at that, i would go gamer mode, i would kick, punch and kill people tries to hunt me, i go to jail? break out, I go to hell? break out... I am a god... grrrrrrrr

me and the boys heading to the furry purge
thats me on the left

me and the boys heading to the furry purge

i'm the dumb bitch with the magnum because it's literally my favorite fictional firearm

this law goes both ways *flashes her sharp canines*