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Funny how there was a bunch of progress and now recently it’s just been dead-silent.
Filipe is on break

This, and I've been getting ready to move in a week; had different interests in the spare time...

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to apologize for my lack of communication these last two months, I needed to spend some time off to take care of my mental health, it was directly affecting my focus on the development of my add-ons, but I'm happy to announce that I'm back and working on the cars again, you can expect the Cabrera and the Bronx to be released soon, along with an update for the already released cars to fix some issues and add features like a functioning Horn! Again the script was provided by my friend NightHawk so thank him for that.

The Dalton Bronx is finally released, but not only that, my recent vehicles also got an update to support horns, again script provided by NightHawk! Check it out when you can in my released add-ons topic.

Development Progress: I'm working on the update for the Tutto, some of you might have noticed it's the car that haven't received the update yet that the other cars did (horns and other improvements) Reason being is that I'm adding a new variant for it called Tuned, it uses the same model from the normal car, but it has new wheels, lower suspension and more power.

I also added a few more customization options like a RoofBox and a wooden steering wheel.

The Cabrera is in the process of getting released soon, I added a new Topper option for the cargo.

The Voiture also received new customization options, you can apply a bodykit, painted bumpers, different grills, etc, plus new Wagon and Police variants!

The Avant Voiture, the french sedan commissioned by Corpora1Bird is now released! It also includes a wagon, police and Dakar variants, enjoy!

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Development Update: Ok guys good news, the update for the Tutto and the Cabrera got released today today!

The Cabrera comes with a vinyl roof option, plus options for the cargo like a Topper, equipment, cover and a surfboard.

The Tutto Update includes a new variant called Tutto Tuned, it uses the same model from the standard car but with new wheels, lowered suspension
and of course most importantly, more power! I also added a few more parts like square foglights that are placed under the grill, a roofbox and a side stripe.

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I'm very happy to announce that the Enforcer and the Ronin are soon to be released!

This is the Enforcer, obviously based on the Hummer H2 and commissioned by Mr.Annoying, it comes with a roomy interior, and off-road parts.

And this is the Ronin based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI commissioned by Lemon Tart, it comes with tuner parts plus a rally variant!

Could the Ronin also get IV and V parts? Especially IV parts, games always add the V and VI, but hardly ever the IV lol.

Three new cars just got released everyone! They should also be available on Glass soon, the Fujiwan Ronin, based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI and commissioned by Lemon Tart, Bordeaux Escargot Mk2 based on the Citroen 2CV and the Enforcer, based on the Hummer H2 and commissioned by Mr.Annoying, here is the link to download them, enjoy!

Hey everyone it's been a while, I got some new content to reveal this weekend, I'm not on the computer right now to reveal what it is but I'm sure you'll like it so stay tuned!