Author Topic: The stuffty Superpower Game v4  (Read 10626 times)

This hasn't been done in awhile. Make the above users superpower/magic spell stuffty, and then post your own power to be stufftified.


Joe: The ability to fly!

Candice: You crash-land every time. Power to shoot lasers!

so first ill go:

Power to win every argument

yah but everyone hates you after you win

the power to breathe underwater

But you turn retarted

I have the ablility to be rich and infineie money

except nobody loving loves you- wait that's already a reality

the ability to create portal-like portals with your hands

yah but all of them are 1 mm wide and all lead straight to hell

again, the power to breathe underwater

but you cant swim

I have the ability to get infinite food

but you have no mouth

have the ability to drink molten  lava

But thats the only thing you can drink

I have the ability to make it so i can be super strong

granted, your immune system gets super strong and sees you as a threat

the ability to speak in any language i want

except you always speak in a different language to the person you're talking to (you don't speak english to an english speaker, but you can to a spanish speaker)

the ability to throw stuff like a boomerang; it comes back if you want it to

except when the stuff comes back to you, it ends up impaling you and killing you.

the ability to launch nuclear missles out of my mouth

But you have to unblock me on discord

the power to shoot people without a gun

i have the ability to sleep without having nightmares

you now have narcolepsy

i have the ability to give myself more abilities

ok but all further abilities granted give you a big mole on your forehead every time you get one

ability to teleport anywhere in the universe
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