Author Topic: The stuffty Superpower Game v4  (Read 28933 times)

granted, you're the god of stupidity

the power to control my memories like a computer's file system

aka infinite memory with instant and exact remembering and "file" deletion

but your memories run on windows

I get the power to make people explode and die and there is blood everywhere

you don't get the power of knowing who explodes and dies, with blood everywhere. you just have the vague sense of doing it.

the power to spawn a perfectly edible hamburger in front of you, with a beef patty and wheat buns.

the hamburger is edible, but tastes really bad

I have the power of being so good at any game i play

granted but people eventually stop playing with you beacuse you are just too good when playing multiplayer

the power to not get affected at all by nuclear radiation

you emit nuclear radiation in a 5 meter radius around you, which can irradiate nearby stuff

immunity to fire

this is done by sustaining a 2x2x2 meter cube of water around you, you drown in like 3 minutes

the ability to get fuzztoast to shut up

sure! you now inhabit the same body as fuzztoast. with the ability to keep him quiet if you focus on it. no taking it back.

the power to predict what actions will eventually pay off before i do them.

Granted, but you find out that nothing ever pays off and become an alcoholic to forget.

The ability to create revolutionary add-ons.

each of them have back doors

power to be the fastest marathon runner

your legs will occasionally cramp when running

ability to suspend something in the air until you touch it again

Granted, but you get kicked off the baseball team for not being able to throw the ball

The power to become sane

everyone else in the world becomes insane, making you the most sane person alive, so you actually seem insane to everyone else

the power to control time

uo can control timne for 5 dollars a pop

i want freee wifi anywhere

you get free wifi anywhere you go hold up [music] but you can't get the high pitched voice out of your head

i want powers