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I wanted to share some Blockland-related Wiki pages that I've both come across, and personally contributed to. I've asked some people to help me in the past, although have gotten mixed reception. I figure it's best to make an open thread about it, rather than asking person-to-person infinitely.

The Blockland Wiki:
A Wiki page dedicated to the essential details, history and trivia of base Blockland, as well as some of its' user-base landmarks such as these very forums, or RTB. I inherited the Wiki
from the user ShockBL, and I've added quite a few pages overtime; mainly of in-game content. It's definitely in need of more contributors, and people who can source information on the chronology of Blockland's evolution.

The Blockland User Wiki:
This Wiki is dedicated to immortalizing members of the Blockland user-base. In general, it seems like it needs more contributors, and possibly some moderators. I personally don't use this Wiki very much, although I get why it would exist.

The Blockland Films Wiki:
Also referred to as Blockywood. This is my pet project; founded with Joestacos2 and Daffytitanic. It was created to both archive and catalog everything relevant to Blockland's film making subculture. We have categories for film clans, film creators, and series so far. More contributors are definitely needed.

So what are your takes on these Wikis?
I know they're kind of a played-out format, and some have questioned the necessity of having them in general. Personally, I think there are a couple reasons documenting both the development and culture of a game like this could provide some in-sight for new players of the game who may feel a little lost when first joining. Or, it could serve as either an a inspirational or cautionary tale to indie game designers on what made Blockland so special, or where it went wrong. Also, as a Blockland film-maker myself, I see value in preserving the biographies and multi-media creations of fellow users all in one handy spot, so future users can become inspired to try their hand at creating something.

If you're interested, simply hop on, refer to the guidelines, and have fun.

inb4 the defacing.

this community can't be trusted to have a wiki and i can recall all the other attempts to maintain one has resulted in mass defacing of the articles with some absolute joker putting something about minorities or gore.

Which Wiki, and when?

Mr Queeba:
i attempted to make a blockland wikia years ago and it almost immediately went to hell


--- Quote from: Mr Queeba on October 29, 2020, 02:20:43 PM ---i attempted to make a blockland wikia years ago and it almost immediately went to hell

--- End quote ---

There's been a lot throughout the years, what most of them lack is a decent foundation, and scope. Most of them just devolve into a micro blogging platform for people to write advertisements for their favorite add-ons/Blockland, videos or just interpersonal drama because the Wikis have an extremely broad focus; usually trying to encompass Blocklands' features, culture, users, and skit-videos all at once.

That's how the Blockland Wiki was until I cleaned it up. And also where I realized that there needs to be multiple Wikis so that each one can be moderated separately. So The Blockland Wiki would be for information relevant to the base game, the BL-User wiki would be for interpersonal drama, add-ons, and etc, and the BL-Films wiki would obviously be for info relevant to films made in-game.


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