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This is the bleeding edge, latest version of Despair Fever, with full development history in commits.

"What is Despair Fever?"
It is a gamemode based on the Danganronpa franchise, where a single killer must commit murder and get away with it.
A gamemode focused on solving emergent crimes done in real-time, pitting a single killer against everyone else innocent. The killer is tasked with only killing at least one person - his goal is getting away with it in a trial... Question is, will he succeed, executing everyone innocent? Or will he be voted as the killer, leaving him alone executed?

"Where can I learn more?"
There is a fan wiki maintained by Jerry McLarry located here.
There is also a /help in-game documentation describing each mechanic in detail. Here's a repost of it on gist.
Feel free to modify the /rules section to say whatever you want it to say.

"Can I see footage?"
Yes! Here's the playlist of videos I recorded of the game.

"What are the rules?"
As a server host, you may change these rules in any way you want, however I strongly recommend you keep them as-is if you trust my experience hosting this game-mode.
1. Play your role! Play to survive. Accomplices to murder are strictly forbidden. Do not intentionally and directly help the killer.
2. Keep chat clean! Don't reference people by their BL usernames. Don't spam chat. Don't abuse emoticons.
Don't say racial, disability or any other kinds of slurs.
3. Don't freekill! You CANNOT attack people for any other reason than self-defence. Threatening people or warning them is NOT AN EXCUSE.
If they swing their weapon at you or are hiding in your closet with their weapon out it counts as SELF-DEFENCE.
4. Don't metagame! Do not relay in-game information to others through out-of-game means! If we determine you are metagaming you will be banned.
5. Don't ERP (Erotic RolePlay)! While romance and relationship are not forbidden, please refrain from acting out explicit details.
If someone is breaking the rules, use /report *message* to get an admin's attention!

"How do I administrate the server?"
I strongly recommend you to obtain the client-side logging utility Otherwise this gamemode automatically detects and punishes RDM, so all you really have to do is deal with the aftermath.

"How do I run the server?"
Grab the add-ons listed in Gamemodes.txt, unpack the player.rar in src/shapes/Player.rar into your base/data/shapes/player/ folder, and run the server.

Seeing as I have no longer been hosting DF for a while, and Sapphire Servers is finished, I see no reason to hoard this code for any longer.
I will not be returning to Blockland, probably ever, so this also marks the end of my development related to the game - I'm off to greener pastures now.

Please note that if you wish to host Despair Fever, you are provided the code as-is with no guarantee of support or maintenance. Understand that I am doing this for preservation and archival.
The code is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 - meaning you Must release the source code for any modifications you make to the game-mode and host a server with it.

Repository link on Gitlab
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Was difficult at first to get working until I realized I was missing the custom animations, thank you tho for helping us set this up.

Was difficult at first to get working until I realized I was missing the custom animations, thank you tho for helping us set this up.
what custom animations

The game requires specific DTS files for the game to work properly, I originally received the incorrect ones and thought the game itself had issues when I was just missing another piece to the puzzle.

Btw, there's a discord for this gamemode, so you can contact me and share your experiences here

fancy seeing you again jack

hope ur doing great outside of bl. glad to see u drop this release since its been quite a while since sapphire closed :(

glad that this was finally released its fun to be playing this again

FYI: For hosts with issues hearing the music - extract the addon into its own folder instead of using it as a .zip. Blockland does not like using .oggs in .zip archives so the music will just fail to play.