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WaW-BO1 national socialist Zombies
After the fall of the third reich in 1945, the world gather its peace believing that war was over.
However, they could not be any more wrong than that, rising back from the dead the national socialists are back once more.
How long and how many rounds can you survive against the national socialists, fighting an endless amount of waves of the undead;
whether it is on your own, or with fellow comrades... Good luck to you all!

Objective: The objective of this gamemode, is to survive as many rounds you can possibly can, using your own preferences customizable to your likings. Whether you want an easy challenge or a hard challenge either for yourself or for everyone.

  • Slayer Minigame Preferences for all possible tweaking and customization.
  • national socialist Zombies and crawlers.
  • Barricades w/ Anti-Player invisible barrier, to prevent cheaters from leaving the map.
  • Hell Hounds.
  • All powerups: Insta-Kill, Carpenter, Nuke, Max Ammo, Double Points, Firesale, and Free Perk Bottle!
  • All 8 perk-a-colas, (Including both Solo version of Quick Revive, and Multiplayer version of Quick Revive.)
  • Pack-A-Punch.
  • Pathnodes and full-on pathfinding, pre-baked and cached over time upon minigame creation.
  • Mystery Box with server preference to include a list of whatever weapons you wish to be cycled.
  • Easter Egg music and events, along with easter egg triggering teddy bear bricks. Can you find them all?
  • Item stores and door stores.
  • Bowie Knife and Grenades.
  • Three wonder weapons: Wunderwaffe DG-2, Raygun, and Winter's Howl.
  • Revivable teammates.
  • A wide variety of node bricks, allowing players to create and build their own maps for the national socialist Zombies gamemode!
  • Ammo support for Gravity Cat's weapons, support for any other ammo systems can be added with modification of AmmoSupport.cs file (Refer to documentation)

Gamemode pictures

If you think you are ready to take on the endless waves of national socialist Zombies, then good luck soldier.
(The supported/modified weapons and documentation for this game mode is packaged with the game mode download zip.)
(For any future potential map builders, I have also included a sample map along with the documentation to experiment with.)
(This gamemode is a slayer gamemode, be sure to have Gamemode_Slayer as well to be able to use this gamemode.)

Download national socialist Zombies Package

  • Jet key is mostly used for interacting with nearly everything, jetting while empty handed will use your knife.
  • Light key while empty handed will equip grenade.

Credits (DISCLAIMER: Some are not made by me entirely, but instead modified to work with the gamemode, so please give credits to the respective creators instead.)
  • Mystery box, barricades, perk bottles, bowie knife, knife, grenade, powerups - Modelled and coded by Hologlaxer (me).
  • Teddy Bear, Wunderwaffe DG-2 & Winter's Howl - Modelled by ZeUberMedic, coded by Hologlaxer (me).
  • Raygun - Modelled and coded originally by Aware14 & Ghille, modified by Hologlaxer (me) for support of perk effects such as: Deadshot Daiquiri, Double Tap and Speed Cola, as well pack-a-punch variance.
  • Weapon_DWeapons & Weapon_DWepRussianExpansion - Modelled and coded by Gravity Cat, modified by Hologlaxer (me) for the same reasons above.
  • M1897 Trench Gun - Modelled and coded by Hologlaxer (me).
  • M1 Thompson & M1 Carbine - Modelled by Zinlock, coded by Hologlaxer (me).
  • Hell-Hounds - Originally from an addon: Bot_Dog by Canon, modified and packaged by Hologlaxer (me).
  • Helped with Commissioning certain models and sounds - MonkeyFunky.
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Development originally started back in Jan-Feb of 2019, nearly abandoned it due to a crashing bug which I finally solved in August of 2019; embarrassingly it was an infinite loop mistake I made.
Anyways other than that, Happy Halloween everyone!

Pretty sure this is packaged incorrectly, are you supposed to load this from within slayer or the server launcher? I'm not able to select it from the list of gamemodes but all of the content is appearing in game under the slayer gamemode tab
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Pretty sure this is packaged incorrectly, are you supposed to load this from within slayer or the server launcher? I'm not able to select it from the list of gamemodes but all of the content is appearing in game under the slayer gamemode tab
For every zip file within the national socialist Zombies Package, be sure you extract them into the Add-Ons file (Do not re-name GM_NZ to Gamemode_NZ, it will break some of the UI aspects). Afterward, the GM_NZ should appear in the Custom gamemode add-ons list, if so enable it (along with Gamemode_Slayer). Once you are loaded in custom gamemode, the national socialist Zombies gamemode tab should appear in the slayer minigame GUI.

Locking this topic, as I realise this sounds more like an Add-Ons rather than Gamemode moving to Add-Ons. Sorry, my first time posting something to the BLF.
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