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im surprised it took so long to get a competent health system

+ added bottom print support for clients without the mod
+ added energy bar (requires the client mod, users without it will see the default energy bar)
+ added target health bar (requires the client mod for the bar, users without it will just see target health %)
+ added Player.SetGlobalTarget event
+ added bar X offset settings
+ /NoHealthClient command to disable the client and use bottomprints in case it's broken
+ /NoHealthMod command to disable the health bar entirely
* customization is no longer in server.cs, check prefs.cs for info

setting a player as a global target will show their health to everyone

one issue i found while testing (probably can't really fix) is if you dont have the client, target health will be cut off by the bottom prints 255 character limit if the health bar takes up too much space

later i'll try to make it so you can see the health and energy of players you spectate

download: | glass

note: glass version may not be up to date right away due to mod approval

good job on this, keep it up

good job on this, keep it up

thank u :cookie:

tiny update:
+ you can now see the health of players you spectate
+ maybe some other small changes i forgot about idk


man glass takes a forgetin while
it's been almost 2 days now smh..

hey since you're making a brand new health mod, ideas:
support for making custom new bars for any player variables with a pref file, like kevlar mod/phantos armor bars or sfoxygen bars or the sort
simple pref for putting the health bars left/right alligned without tinkering that supports changing resolutions
vehicle health bar (like
if a player has script_healthbar but not this, don't show them bottomprint. if a player has both mods show them the ui from this one. this way servers can support people who have the old mod while letting people with the new one enjoy new features
option to disable the bottomprint entirely
option to disable the custom energy bar (the default one is nice and smooth)
item healing previews, this has always been my dream for bl:

my main issue with this mod is that since the client mod's display is a string instead of gui elements it doesn't benefit from the ability to smoothly scale the bar like the client mod health bar can
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small update:
fixed players failing to join (banned or wrong password) causing servers to crash because apparently commandToClient in onDrop is Not cool
added support for some mods(tf2 overheal/ubercharge, swollow's downed) (not for boss health bar yet)

download: | glass

next up: support for custom bars, vehicle health, aligning bars, uhh

Hey bro any updates about this because the vehicle health sounds awsome