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The game looks like it will be a good hack and slash looter. Anyone else getting it?

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spoiler alert the game is meh

don't get me wrong the graphics are nice but the gameplay is kinda stiff and becomes stale after an hour or so. the open world isn't very open either. and one of the things I hate the most in just about any 'open world' type game: no ability to jump

game is a little better when you have a friend or two on the adventure with you. I guess you can't ask for too much this day in age where technology has become seemingly ass backwards

This is like a bean counter's / old exec's idea of what a Gamer game would be

The combat is fun at first but then you realize there is very little skill to it. I could get over that if there were some variety in the enemies but most them (aside from bosses/mid-bosses) have the exact same attack pattern, but with different animations. honestly, even games like devil may cry 3 or dynasty/samurai warriors make this game look stupid when it comes to combat mechanics.

Maybe I played too much shadow of war before godfall, are my expectations too high for this game? For a supposed next-gen title it doesn't seem any better than a "last gen" 360/ps3/xb1/ps4 game aside from the slightly better graphics

Good graphics stuff game; Darksiders better