Author Topic: Mr.Annoying: BAD USER - REVALATIONS  (Read 679 times)

This has been long overdue but someone had to get this out there. Mr.Annoying has been stuffing on other forum users again. Imagine my shock...

   We all know it's been bad, but 2021 must have had some sort of curse on his brain baked into it. from Jan to Feb he's gone on a total rampage all over drama, basically just not being very chill during serious interpersonal threads. This contrasts with his repetitive notion that he is (quote) "cool beans", but can we really expect him to be sincere at this point? It's habitual. I mean, 'fool me once shame on you' amirite? On top of this he's like a loving drama queen, always stirring up some bull stuff; basically a habitual problem user.

We've got a laundry list on him already, with previous threads dating back to 2018 covering:
  • The use of "comedic" pejoratives.
  • Him drama'ing too much.
  • Not knowing when to end an arguement.
  • His deployment of death threats to "win" debates.
  • His Badspot special interest.
  • Him being a Politard
  • His avatar.
  • Having the username Mr.Annoying.
  • Chimping out when people make the joke "Mr.Annoying? He must be annoying!"
  • Watches television.
  • Literally plays Blockland in 2021...
  • His username.
  • Unconditionally hates Brickadia.
  • Never uses the forums for anything other than OD'ing.
  • Using YouTube.
  • Using BitChute instead of YouTube.
  • Likes Brickadia (Despite their CEO being a child enthusiast, wtf!)
  • Creates add-ons isntead of playing vanilla.
  • Doesn't contribute to the drama board.
  • Drags stuffpost articles on for too long.
  • Refers to Twitter as "My home".
  • Tells people to not derail his threads.
  • Disrespected kompressor.

-Although we just need our annual Autism awareness megathread.

These are my choice cuts of this bull stuff steak dinner:

Buy five hundred copies of Blockland to send to everyone you know.

Yeah, market manipulation. love you Mr.Annoying.

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Real funny, Dane Cook. Smashing comedy routine. I take it you're turning 14 soon?


This is a civilized game. Use full words.

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>spells Block Land without a space
Just so we're all clear, he's retarded...

This is an edited quote.

He edits quotes.

Dude. YOU'RE the one causing all the stuff on the forums. Are you that bad at deflecting, or is this some sort of unintentional mential gymnastic? Rhetorical question - it's on purpose.

roflmao ^_^

Okay, you really are 14 jfc.

I'm fourteen.

No you're not.

Anyway, I hope this will satiate you all for now, this lolcow has plenty'o milk left in them utters.

The drama board and it's consequences have been a disaster for the Blockland playerbase.

ill be sure to ban mr.annoying from my servers, thanks

ill be sure to ban mr.annoying from my servers, thanks

Don't forget to drama him.

god this guy has always gotten on my nerves. this is a well deserved drama. thanks for posting, Mr.Annoying :)

ha ha look he made a drama about himself the absolute mad man!!!