Author Topic: [NEWS] EVAR OWNS CHILD research TWITTER, DEFENDED BY BRICKADIA DEVS  (Read 74721 times)

God this is loving handicapped, have all the kiddo diddlers been dealt with in that stuff ass game? Its like block games just attract the worst kinds of people

Sidenote: Is the definition of child enthusiasm too loving hard to understand? Ask yourself, do you like children in a loveually aspect, even if you arent going to act on it? Congratulations you're a child enthusiast and quite frankly need to be removed from society.

Like my aunt says about low-income neighborhoods, "let the animals kill eachother"

hey guys my internet was out what did i miss?

this is why video games should never start communities on discord

that part is most definitely false. there are of course a lot of details i could share but I have no desire to air dirty laundry on a block game forum.
Breaking news.

Ipquarx following Evar's CP page..

More allegations.

Oomro is now in the process of deleting everything.

Port and Evar are in a relationship. Port was 100% aware of the child research being made as seen here:

Nick is Port in this context.

I've seen people say Port posted loli in the anime girls thread but I am not sure how factual that claim is.

I'm being told that Port/Emma/Nick and Evar are actually engaged. Not sure the logistics of hiding you drawing cub research from your fiancee work out.