Author Topic: Blockland Drip [depreciated]  (Read 590 times)

Blockland Drip
Version 1.0
By Conan and peetman

/drips or /shoes to wear ingame! Customize drip colors using /setDripColor, or reset them with /resetDripColors! Drips can be seen in first person.

Models by peetman!

Download Depreciated, please go download ShoeMod instead
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brooooo I made a shoe mod years ago that I never released and it functions similarly to these, although not with as many nodes and much more simplified, but this is way cooler (except with mine you could 'display' them on an invisible bot to show them off in a shop or whatever). Could you possibly add a function for equipping them to a bot and doing like /botShoes part r g b as to customizing the bot you are looking at shoes?

I can't wait to make some different shoe models or polish up and port my existing ones and experiment with this. A truly epic add-on Conan, thanks for this!