Author Topic: [SERVER] Manteuro's Crouch Race!  (Read 385 times)

Howdy folks, its the churro of euros.

We got something special that I haven't seen in Blockland in awhile, the crouch race!

The first created map is called: Sugar Rush, a course built above the earth in outer space with a neon aesthetic.


The main concept of this map requires last moment jump timing to close the gaps ahead.
Some of the visitors have mentioned I implement a checkpoint system, but I have confidence that the obstacles can be completed all in one run.

Provided is some footage of a full time trial on the map, still working on shaving seconds off.


Starting 1/17, the dedicated will shut down. I'll try my best to put the server up every night around 9:00 EST/6 PT.
My hope is that the users who learn the map can compete with me for a quicker time than 1:43!

Good luck Blocklanders! And of course, ANY feedback is welcome!

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looks sweet, ill be sure to come by