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Version 1.0.1
By Conan, with contributions from peetman, irrel, Eagle517, and noroblo

A Shoe counterpart of Hatmod! Wear custom made, recolorable shoes ingame! Use /shoes to open the centerprint menu, and /shoehelp for a full list of commands.

/setShoeNodeColor without any parameters will tell you the list of valid shoe nodes you can set the color of.

Comes with a multitude of prefs and events that mirror Hatmod's prefs, as shown below.

For Shoe Makers:
I wrote up a doc explaining how to make shoes here:
Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have issues/report the issue via the repo - I'll help you out as needed.

The modding method is largely the same as Hatmod - just export the meshes and create a simple settings.txt file. Refer to the released shoemods below + the documentation linked above if you need a reference.


Shoe Pack 1
Version 1.0

A basic pack of shoes! Includes BL Drip, Bunny Slippers, Cleats, Cowboy, Heels, Jam Jars, Jordans, Neon, Socks and Sandals, and Vans.

Thanks to peetman for the BL Drip model, and noroblo for the Jordans model!


Hand Shoes
Version 1.0

Two shoes made up of hands! Includes Blockhand and Open Blockhand.

Thanks to irrel for the Open Blockhand model!

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this will revive blockland hands down

this will revive blockland hands down
gotta hand it to u thats a good pun

Gotta hand it to you, this is at least a couple of feet higher on my tier list then hats.

Born too early to explore the universe
Born too late to explore the world
Born just in time to experience ShoeMod

those hand shoes are cursed as hell

time to make some hats

the game where you wear stuff

AccessoriesMod when like jackets, suits, armor, backpacks and others

at this rate, in 5 years we'll have an entirely different way of having playertypes... PlayerMod...