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This addon increases the efficiency for vehicle developers when you have to modify variables of a Vehicle/Tire/Spring's datablock, without having to:

1) Respawn the Vehicle, and most importantly
2) Type in the name of the datablock to modify all the time (In the case of batch-editing multiple cars at once)

How does it work?

Demonstration Video

The script returns the name of the vehicle datablock the player is currently driving. All you have to do is get into the vehicle you want to modify, and type the functions below into the console

v().variableName = newValue; - Allows you to modify attributes of the Vehicle's Datablock
t().variableName = newValue; - "" of the defaultTire on the Vehicle's Datablock
s().variableName = newValue; - "" of the defaultSpring on the Vehicle's Datablock

For variableName, if you don't know it, you can [I.E.] type v().dump(); to get the names of the variables via the "Member Fields"

v().engineTorque changes the engineTorque value for the vehicle's datablock
s().length can change the spring length of the defaultSpring DB the vehicle's DB is using
t().mass likewise changes the mass of the defaultTire DB of the vehicle's DB

Thankfully, it only applies to the vehicle you currently spawned in at the instance, and will not affect other vehicles until you change/modify variables within their datablocks. Respawning the car keeps the changes made in the console.

Huge thanks to phflack for helping me compile this script together!


Download Via BL-Online

Download via Blockland Glass
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first decent addon in quite some time now

There needs to be a way to reset a vehicle with a command or something so the vehicle is given its original values.

There needs to be a way to reset a vehicle with a command or something so the vehicle is given its original values.
I think it depends on the modder's workflow, and I don't think personally this is necessary. You can apply the changes in game, but if you don't find them satisfactory, you do not have to change the values in the .cs files where the variables are being modified. It's as simple as restarting the client and the values will be reversed.

Alternatively with the .cs files open, you can reapply the original values in this function, if you did not overwrite them in the code

Know anything about editing engine sounds with the console? Or do I have to do that manually with the .cs file?