Author Topic: i'm going to wawa does anyone want anything  (Read 1477 times)

Wawa is the "junk food and richard pills store". The gas station is circumstantial and may not be there.
Also. If you put something like a shell in the same category as a wawa youve never been to a wawa.
Wawa's are clean af and look very homely.
Typical gas station stores smell of piss and look like an inner city stuffhole.
why tf are you simping for a gas station bro

They have burgers at my local Wawa now, get me 3 of those and some fries

Uwu     owo  uwu  *pat * I'm a roostersucking friend and my dad broke my ribs when I was 6 so now I've turned my loveual confusion into my entire personality choke me uwu ;3
we have so much in common

ayyo get me a bagel with cream cheese, some spicy sweet chili doritos and a 24 oz coke zero lol thanks bro