Author Topic: lazy endless zombies city map (w/ download)  (Read 641 times)

im posting this on behalf of mr noobler because he apparently lost access to his forums account
there isn't any brick pack required except for modter
the higher parts of the build have been blocked off with invisible baseplates, so there's no need to worry about zombies flying out of the map

he decided to upload this to the forums because there isn't much that could be done to lower the latency for other players in his server, so it could probably be modified to be a single player map or something else

feel free to criticize/judge the build

Quote from: credits
mr noobler (32916) - buildings
mac workin (32882) - vehicles
robot1 (oops forgot his bl_id) - some help with design choices
pecon7 (9643) - leopard hosting


booperz dude another zombie SHHPERIENCE