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You guys thought I was done with making Blockland add-ons? Well how wrong of you to think that. I figured I'd come back, and bring you guys more unnecessarily detailed cars and massive ass recreations of entire islands

I'll be constantly updating this thread with pictures and descriptions of what I'm currently working on add-on wise.

Bruckell LeGran
Just a port of the Bruckell LeGran from BeamNG, which I ported to another game/engine called Outerra Anteworld, and then finally, It ended up here. It has a working steering wheel, engine sounds and proper transparent glass so far. I dont have many pictures of it in-game right now.

OSM2World Experiments

Here's something I've kept mostly hidden from the Blockland community besides some close friends since I started doing anything with it in 2018: Static maps created using OpenStreetMap data. Tools used for this are linked in the quote below. I'll also attach some of the maps I created this way so people can mess around with it and explore them.
Quote from: Corryton build thread

I have plans to make/port more maps as well. One of these that i'm slowly working on is a recreation of all 500 square miles of O'ahu, Hawaii using OSM2World, which is a tool that makes 3d models from OpenStreetMap data. And I'm not making this stuff up. I've actually managed to import it before back in early 2020(albeit with plain colors for textures because OSM2World literally died if i tried exporting with high quality textures.) A friend and I drove across it over the summer and it took us 1 1/2 hours to get across the entire map from the southernmost point all the way to the northernmost tip of the island.

*trees are bricks i placed myself fyi

Like I said, It's not the most detailed map ever, but it's definitely something that has never been seen before in Blockland. This isn't even the first time i've done this. I've also imported other places, like the entire city of Reykjavik, Iceland, and one of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote. Even as far back as 2018 I was using OSM2World to import small cities and sections of towns.

Here's how OSM2World stuff looks with textures:

Still kind of bland obviously but with some retexturing and polishing up, you can have something incredible.

Like I said, I plan on working on O'ahu and adding as much detail and textures as possible. It's a bit of an ambitious project but I'm down for the challenge. Anyways, I'll even link OSM2World here and a few other resources for those who'd be interested in messing around with it.

OpenStreetMap so you can download map data
JOSM Editor incase you want to edit said map data for whatever reason.

I'm sorry for that long as forget post but I just figured it'd be worth mentioning all that because it truly is something amazing.

Links to old/incomplete add-ons

Most of the stuff I'll be releasing below was never finished/was experimental/etc. Do not expect any of it to ever be updated or finished because I've lost the .blend files for them and even if I still had them I most likely wouldn't be very interested in working on any of them, with the exception of Oahu, which a new version with updated data and better textures is being worked on. Some of these maps also have their own flaws, like missing collision for some stuff. I figured I'd post the stuff below for anybody to mess around with on their own.

Oahu, Hawaii

500 square mile recreation of the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii. This is quite literally the biggest known map of any type to my knowledge ever created for Blockland. This was an experiment of mine from early 2020 to see just how big of a static map Blockland could handle. Textures are just plain colors, and there might be some glitched buildings, but besides that, If you like driving, you'll be in heaven with this map because there's quite literally 1,500 miles of roads waiting for you to drive down them. It will take a while to drive across the whole thing, so make sure to pick out a good album to listen to on the way, maybe get a friend to keep you company as well like I did. Do whatever you want with this map, I really don't care what you do with it. All I'll say is that there's a new version of this map in the works so don't make anything too significant because the location of the map will have shifted and it would screw up everything.

To be added soon:
Lanzarote, Spain (Summer 2019)
Reykjavik, Iceland (Late 2019)
White Plains, NY (Summer 2019)
Various other map ports from 2018-2020

My old Add-Ons topic that was started back in 2018

P.S. most of these vehicles suck ass compared to what I can do now,most of these were made when I was first getting into mod making, so scaling will be off, there wont be working steering wheels or anything like that, no transparent glass and no sounds.

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he will NEVER release an add-on

o damn u still around

are the static maps all flat? would be cool if you factored in elevation data as well

o damn u still around

are the static maps all flat? would be cool if you factored in elevation data as well
No, not all of them are flat. There's maps that i've ported from GTA 1/2 that have some terrain. I would do that for the OSM2World based maps but the datablock count would be so incredibly high it wouldn't even be worth importing it into the game, not to mention how frustrating it'd be to make all that collision.