Author Topic: Download server's add-ons for your own use?  (Read 183 times)

Is there any way to do this? It'd mostly make the most sense for events and brick add-ons. It sucks loading a save and like half the stuff doesn't even spawn in because you don't have it, or the events don't work.

Unless things have changed over the years, I'm pretty sure there's still no way to do this.

I've always wanted a client/server addon combo that would redirect in-game connection traffic to a http server for addons/game files. This would also bypass the horrible in-engine download/upload speed limit. There's a few games that use this, but the most notable is either Source or GoldSrc engine games. I don't know anything about torque but I've seen some wild addons made in the past I can't imagine it being possible without some hacky stuff though...

someone made an addon that shows all the addons you need for a build to work, but i dont know about events

the sad thing is some downloads might be dead and some not but just use the search feature or just ask around, someone might have it

also be prepared to do a lot of searching lol will contain basically all addons you'll ever need to find, barring custom/private mods of course.

as for "stealing" addons off of servers, the most you can do is steal the brick and weapon/item/vehicle models + basic datablock properties. no scripts are downloaded, which means all events and weapon behavior.
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