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The Shinozaki Fairhaven is based off of the well-known Nissan 350z (Fairlady in some cases?) from iconic games and series, such as Need For Speed: Underground 2, and Fast N Furious: Tokyo Drift. It comes standard with all of the new features introduced earlier in 2021.

CVS Parts Included (But not Limited to)

Additionally, the Roadster variants have the same parts imported from the default variant!

TL;DR Features
  • 3 Variants: Default, Roadster, and Widebody (Found Under Fairhaven ___)
    • Widebody Engine Sound differs from other two variants
  • Custom Vehicle Support
  • Functioning Lights: Headlights, Taillights, Brakelights, Turn Signals, and Reverse Lights!
  • Textured Body parts from Rachel Teller's Need For Speed U2 350, and from Fast N Furious' Tokyo Drift!


Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online

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