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The Marabelle is a luxury car fit for a king. Based off of the 1985 Lincoln Town Car, it handles similar to Filipe's Deluxe, but performance has been reduced--who needs to be in a rush with this car anyway?

  • Four Variants - Default, Hearse, Wagon, and Limo
  • Model constructed with a 3D Sketchup Model, as opposed to traditional blueprints
  • Minimal /garage parts, but enough to make unique color combinations!
  • CVS Categories: Body, Bodytop, Front, Grill, Hood, Rear, Trim, Spoiler, and Roof
  • More mass and stiffer springs on the Limo and Hearse Variants
  • You can ride in the coffin in the back

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Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online
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