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time for the annual stuffpost


App Info
Clan Things


Febrary 3 2015 best knifers clan restarted



Originally started in early 2009, ISBC merged with the emergent clan ASI. However, after six months of inactivity, ASI collapsed. Comr4de, the lovey courageous leader of the ISBC, decided that He was a disappoint with these actions. He promptly decided to make this thread, and therefore restart the ISBC. Later, after many spam pms involving a certain phone company, Com changed the name. And then he changed it again. And also we piss chrono off a lot. they're also good at grapple knife tdm


    Have fun!
    Do not spam ARES servers.
    Clan tags don't have to be worn all the time, but try to wear them on clan servers.
    Respect your fellow members and other players.
    Try to stay in character.

Member-specific Rules

    Act respectable ingame and in this thread. I cannot stress how important this is.
    Do not abuse admin rights. I will not tolerate this at all.

App Info

    Show original thought, and creativity.
    All members may vote on an application.
    Your membership may be revoked due to a permanent ban from the forums.
    Once an app topic is posted in gallery, there will be a 72-hour period during which it may be judged by members in the clan. It is the applicants SOLE RESPONSIBILITY for getting clan members to vote on his app.
    Once either A) the majority of the clan votes against or for the application or B) 72 hours pass since posting, the votes are tallied and the decision is made.
    Attitude and decorum are taken into consideration when applying.


    Grand Admiral Comr4de - ID 11152
    Reactor Worker - ID 1080
    LORD INQUISITER Tingalz - ID 11532
    Facepalm - ID 12643 NO WEENIES ALLOWED
    Fawkes - ID 5900

    LORD COMMISSAR HOMOus Maximus Vionix - ID 13907
    Carolcat - ID 10726
    Phantom Knight - ID 16558
    TheArmyGuy - ID 16937
    Snoz - ID 24859
    Rediac - ID 13591
    Froggy - ID 10734
    Lord General starfish Doomcop - ID 23938
    Watcher in the Myst - 7218
    Cyclone - ID 6038
    Badger - ID 23892
    Jellysocks - ID 34355

Clan Things

Clan addons

    ARES Decals
    Zero-G handling Vipers

Required Add-Ons for Servers

    Ladios lasers
    ALL of Muffinmix's emmiters
    Round corner bricks
    Topihus's window pack
    Extra ramps
    Pole bricks
    Wedge bricks
    BAN prints and sounds
    Any other sci-fi addon you have that you would feel is appropriate

Clan-Sponsored events!

    Blockostar Galactica
    Nifty Space RPs
    Klendathu Drop

wow i rly wanna join are you taking new members???????


wow i rly wanna join are you taking new members???????

hold on, are you being sarcastic?

hold on, are you being sarcastic?
impossible to tell these days

so, random emitters and prints are required addons but not the duplicator or fill can? ok.

holy stuff its back!!!