Author Topic: Have you ever broken a bone (Not snake bone)  (Read 4938 times)

i chipped a tooth once...

hate to break it to us yall....

only others’ bones

broke an arm as a baby, apparently i fell off a bed wrong
how do u fall off of a bed wrong

the metacarpal in both my pinkies from hitting stuff. they healed incorrectly so now they bulge slightly on my hands.

when i was younger i slammed into a table so bad i was bleeding from the mouth, and i've been told it permanently stained my two frontmost adult teeth (which were yet to grow in then ofc)
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how do u fall off of a bed wrong
well if you fall off a bed right you wont have any broken bones

hate to break it to us yall....

Ok but does my carapace count??

nothing broken, not even teeth, 'cause my bones aren't made of crackers

you wish your bones were as delicious as mine. you wish you could make muffins out of your bones.

Maybe, but I'm content with being jelly filled.