Author Topic: Tutorial for Packaging Brick Addons?  (Read 874 times)

I am looking for a tutorial for packaging basic brick creations. I have been learning 3D modeling, was able to export and use the General's obj2blb converter successfully, but now my package will not show up in game. For example, I have the .blb file, the server.cs file, the "Description" and "NameCheck" files in a folder, but it is not showing up in the addon selection screen in game. What should my server.cs file look like exactly? I basically looked around and copied other addon formats and changed the appropriate information there. Thanks for the help!

console log will usually state if a mod has any issues being loaded or not - post the zip + console log if you can and read over the console log

btw if you need help on learning how to mod, theres a discord you can join and ask questions and get faster responses there.

That's incredibly helpful, thanks for the reply! I did not know there was a discord, but I just hopped on now. I figured out how to get the model in-game - my .cs file was being saved as a .cs.txt file. Oops. Now to work on my modeling proficiency.