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Updated Thread.
A Whole GNU World

Let's get down to business, this is the list where I'll put useful and helpful Linux software.
I'll be avoiding cliche and usually garbage software like GIMP.

Krita - A Photoshop-like Image Editing tool. It has much less of a learning curve than GIMP.
Librewolf - A Fork of Firefox that removes telemetry among other security risks. Note: All login information is set not to be saved by default, and enabling it requires editing the config file. Browsing history is deleted by default on close and will not reopen when restarted. These are security features, but if you wish to disable them I'll have a guide section later in the thread.
MultiMC - An OpenSource Minecraft client with many features that the default vanilla cannot offer. Such as Isolated instances, Importing and Exporting instances from one MultiMC install to another, or between users. Modloaders can be installed via a setting option on each instance.
KeePass and KeePassX - A Multiplatform Password Manager, KeePass is available on most every platform relevant today, and some that are certainly not. Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and IOS. What this means is you can put your KeePass file on a usb storage device, and take it to multiple different software environments and have access to the same KeePass file.
Pakitheme - A Terminal based GTK Repackaging tool used to convert installed themes to Flatpak. If you're having issues with some pieces of software not following the system theme, it's possibly because it wasn't a flatpak install of the theme.
Atom - An open source text editor with a large community supporting it. Nearly anything you want is available to install as a plugin. And those are almost always open source too.
VLC Media Player - I know I said I was gonna avoid "cliches" but this one is an exception. VLC is a useful video playing and capture playback tool.
Virtual Machine Manager - An Open Source virtual machine software. If you still need some things from Windows, or you want to go Distro Hopping without erasing your main install, this is a great option.
LibreOffice - This is a great Office Alternative with file compatibility between MSOffice and LibreOffice. Just be warned, some formatting may be altered from exporting to a MSOffice file format, but otherwise the content will be the same.

Linux Distributions

Pop_OS! - Ubuntu Based, very stable and user friendly, great for beginners.

Mint - Ubuntu Based, stable, user friendly and great for everyone.

Manjaro - Arch Based, stability depends, user friendly, great for slightly advanced users.

Arch - Arch, stability is up to you, not user friendly but well documented, great for tinkerers.

Gentoo - Gentoo, stability = California's tectonic plates, not user friendly and documentation is hit or miss, great for masochists.

gimp is on par with blender at how useful/extensible/good it is idk why u want to slander it

I think it may be because GIMP is not a direct replacement for photoshop, and krita is.

I dont know why mathew would call it garbage though. It has a need, and it does its job very well.

Librewolf looks promising. Hope they dont pull a waterfox.

I think it may be because GIMP is not a direct replacement for photoshop, and krita is.
it doesn't pretend to be though, its a raster graphics editor, not anything else