Author Topic: what are your thoughts on mcdonalds  (Read 1297 times)

I like the McSardine sandwitch®

used to love the big mac but they must've changed the ingredients for the mac sauce it doesn't taste near as good as it used to

I always talk stuff about mac donalds and say it's trash and everything, but then every now and again I eat something like wendys and I'm reminded of how bad actually bad is and I forgive maccy boys.

>wendys bad
bruh what

also kfc is by far the best fast food chain

the hot chocolate is good

you said earlier that it was the only walking distance restaurant. I thought you were in one of those remote towns in alaska or nebraska that only have a single restaurant and everyone usually makes monthly trips to the other towns to get groceries.
nah man i live in suburban louisiana

also mcdonalds has nice coffee

overpriced for the quality and food portions, except for the $1 cheeseburgers, but they're still like the lowest tier in fast food burger quality, everything else is just meh

also McD's always gives me the stuffs something fierce, the only fast food place that does too lol

Wendys is like a couple bucks more and are p much the top tier best fast food burgers

for same-ish price, Burger King is a better go-to

btw why is burger king the ONLY mainstream fastfood joint that allows me spicy food? why is the 'extra long spicy cheese' the only hamburger with green peppers  on it i know of? wtf actually

i work there so its the best fast food restaurant

it has a distinct mcdonalds taste

i remember their pancakes

but we can all agree mcdonalds has the best fries, right?

u can get mcdonald quality fries at buger kang too

iirc to get them that crispy, all it takes is double frying the fries