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Author Topic: Favorite left 4 dead 2 guns  (Read 1405 times)

The Spas-12? (Which is also referred to as the 'Combat Shotgun')

According to the Left 4 Dead wiki, the Auto Shotgun fires 2 more bullets than the Combat Shotgun, but does 5 less points of damage per bullet, but in comparison to the Combat Shotgun's damage output of 28 per bullet with only 9 bullets per shot, the Auto Shotgun does a whole whopping 1 point of total damage extra per-shot than the Combat Shotgun

So the Auto Shotgun is actually a better tier 2 weapon than the Combat Shotgun, but the Combat Shotgun could be better in that if you aren't shooting the zombies with every single bullet per shot, at least the ones that do hit will do slightly more damage than with the Auto Shotgun
good to know. i was never aware of that. i just assumed they were basically reskins lol

I just go with the Combat Shotgun because it looks the coolest and i like how it sounds