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there are two practical ways to immigrate to the US: family or a job. jobs that will sponsor non-seasonal visas are few and far between (and seasonal visas do not give you any chance of immigration), and family of course is a coin toss. mfs love to pretend that it's just a matter of saving up for a few months and filing some paperwork. that's cus yall don't read stuff. even most family visas take forever, around seven years if you're not the spouse, parent, or child of a US citizen, on top of costing you thousands of dollars, which is a much greater expense for most of the world than it is in america

Yeah, but its kinda like complaining that getting into harvard isnt accessible. Its not supposed to be.  But to be fair, we do have less capable and more unintellgieny people born american than migrated. But that may be because of our strict policies not in spite of them.

Still, crossing the border illegally can be a deadly trip. Only to end up on the other end a second class citizen.

It's really not good for anyone involved.

I understand wanting to come here, but many migrants pass through other safe nations relative to where they started.

We may not see them as safe because of our absurd comforts and security, but that does not mean those nations are hellholes. 

Certainly they have there issues, but if you say mexico has corruption of drug dealers and mobsters without acknowledging the us has corruption of petrol dealers and labor exploitation, you're not playing a fair hand.

US is great for the meaningfully wealthy. Upper middleclass and above. But illegal immigrants are going to be treated as second class citizens because they can be deported at a moments notice.

And if we were to lift restrictions we would see a downgrade in quality of life for everyone nationwide.

This is a stuff situation.  And the way i see it, greedy ancaps are trying to exploit cheap labor and the 'made in the usa' titles.

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