Author Topic: [spoiler thread] deltarune chapeter 2  (Read 1079 times)

beat spamton neo first try, but used all my items and nearly died doing so
he was pretty interesting with his talk of freedom and heaven. and how that affects kris. makes me want to theorize

great chapter, queen is hilarious, berdley is hilariously obnoxious
hope it'll be faster though, hard to wait 3 more years for another

just watched a playthrough of the snowgrave path, and jesus h christ that is actually significantly more disturbing than the genocide path in undertale.

just played it. geez
i think toby thought that the only thing more disturbing than massacring enemies is forcing an innocent to massacre for you, as her mind warps
it certainly worked. holy hell

beautiful sequel to a beautiful game

don't mind the eggshusband

oh stuff

susie's going to go straight for the drama section
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