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beat spamton neo first try, but used all my items and nearly died doing so
he was pretty interesting with his talk of freedom and heaven. and how that affects kris. makes me want to theorize

great chapter, queen is hilarious, berdley is hilariously obnoxious
hope it'll be faster though, hard to wait 3 more years for another

just watched a playthrough of the snowgrave path, and jesus h christ that is actually significantly more disturbing than the genocide path in undertale.

just played it. geez
i think toby thought that the only thing more disturbing than massacring enemies is forcing an innocent to massacre for you, as her mind warps
it certainly worked. holy hell

beautiful sequel to a beautiful game

don't mind the eggshusband

oh stuff

susie's going to go straight for the drama section
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just watched a playthrough of the snowgrave path, and jesus h christ that is actually significantly more disturbing than the genocide path in undertale.
i've been meaning to watch a playthrough of the snowgrave path bc i've been reading a lot about it and the fandom makes so much good art abt it (when they aren't focused on turning spamton into loveyman) but i haven't gotten around to it yet. very disturbing and intriguing turn that makes me wonder how future chapters will build on it though

beat spamton neo first try, but used all my items and nearly died doing so
he was pretty interesting with his talk of freedom and heaven. and how that affects kris. makes me want to theorize
the "heaven are you watching" line or whatever it was gave me chills the first time i watched a playthough (watching jerma985 play it, which has given me the deltarune brainworms hardcore). the whole scene with spamton neo in general. it's so good

i played it the day it came out, and i beat it in a single sitting which was like 4.5 hours. by the time i reached the battery acid part it was like an acid trip in more ways than one due to how tired i was lol

but anyway, it's good. good characters and music as per usual for Toby Fox so yeah

i love how toby fox basically said forget you to everyone who tries to romanticize kris with ralsei

idk man that's not what i got out of that duck ride

you have to remember that kris is their own personality even though we're just the ones controlling them throughout deltarune. its implied that when (you) romance kris with ralsei they dont necessarily enjoy it. also if you give ralsei tea to kris it only heals them 60 hp while susie tea heals 120 (cause of the way the tea works).

i thought sussie and deer girl were a canon ship now 0:

Susie tea heals Noelle 400 hp but you have to mod the game to do that. also during snowgrave route it's lightly implied they both do soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning at the end. I say 'soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning' cause I think it's weird to imply Toby made an implication of them having underage love

If you will allow me, I'm gonna sperg out for a few paragraphs. I have literally read no theories or anything, or played the Snowgrave route, (because Genocide totally forgets up your save in Undertale, so I'm saving it for later, probably when all 7 chapters are out) so If I'm categorically wrong about some things, let me know.

SPOILERS AHEAD, don't read this if you haven't finished Chapter 2.

- One of the Titans that Ralsei talked about looked suspiciously like Asgore's silhouette.

- If SOULless Kris wanted to kill everyone, he'd lock the SOUL up and just let the dark fountains consume the world, instead he seems to almost insist on keeping the SOUL around, and letting it control him and eventually seal the fountains.

- SOULless Kris never raised a hand towards Susie, or Toriel, despite having a knife and easy access to them. Either he doesn't care, or actually is attached to them.

- Dunno, but I'm like 80% sure that the only reason SOULless Kris slashed Toriel's tires was to make sure Susie and Toriel would stay at his house.

- There's plenty of hints that before the events of the game that SOULless Kris is a troubled child, but the things he did never seemed malicious. If Toby wanted to make it clear Kris was Chara-level evil without a SOUL, he would have, barring the chapter 1 end-scene, but I think that was purely to shock the player, after all, all he really did was eat Toriel's pie, (and this is probably a reach, but he may have only used the knife to cut the pie) Kris played pranks on the level of putting bath-bombs in toilets, spooking Noelle, and generally being a nuisance, but nothing truly sociopathic in nature.

- My big hypothesis: I don't think SOULless Kris is the true antagonist, I think soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning worse is coming. Could be Gaster, could be soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning else. Because I kinda doubt it's Asriel, given how the townsfolk speak so highly of him.
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my theory for what happens with susie/noelle in snowgrave is that susie tries to talk to her like she would normally, but soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning feels off. she tries to get an answer out of noelle, who deflects for a while, before either a. becoming completely unresponsive, eventually forcing susie to give up or b. telling susie what kris has been making her do, which horrifies susie but she knows she has to pretend all is well around kris because they, being a human, have the power to kill any of the monsters they want.

also given toby's metanarrative forgetery i have a feeling that kris's motivations have soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning to do with the fact that they are directly aware of the player's presence. i think the reason they've been removing their heart (the thing that we control) in order to go open rifts/slash tires so that we can't see/interfere with what they're doing. i think they're opening these rifts because it will cause conflict, which will bring an adventure, which will bring us. after all, they do seem to like looking directly at the camera whenever they chuck the heart somewhere.

also, i'm calling this right now:
the game is set one week before asriel comes home, with each episode so far spanning only a single day. this means that episode seven, the final episode, would logically mean that the finale will coincide with his arrival. as the next chapters eventually release, i predict that there will be an increasing emphasis on asriel and his return, potentially painting him as either a vital ally or harbinger of chaos. but given how this'll be years in the making, i 1000% guarantee that asriel will suddenly show up a day early, at the end of chapter 6 as a surprise reveal. at which point some terrible threat will be triggered to rise, part 6 will end in a cliffhanger, and the finale will involve us fighting alongside asriel against whatever the Titans are

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