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Storage Events
Version 1.2

Farming V1's event storage system, ported for general use. Items are stored within the brick as part of events, meaning anyone with a wrench can edit its contents. Comes with RTB/Glass server prefs for trust requirement to access or deposit into storage.

Event parameters are number of storage slots (1-20), and 3 strings that contain the storage contents, which are space-separated datablock names.

Deposit items with the drop tool keybind (default ctrl-w) and pull items out with the centerprint menu controls (brick controls).

Accessing storage combines all enabled storage events and empty spots for display. Disabling an event prevents accessing its storage.

This feature allows things like toggling what storage is available, or locking off storage unless a key is used. Withdrawn items are placed at the withdrawer's feet.

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Who is this lovey beast on the pic

holy stuff storage events without needing to download a gui?

because that's why I didn't like gsf storage

Fixed some bugs, please let me know if there are any more.

i feel like we are just now starting to work around all the bullstuff that old addons needlessly had and theres barely a playerbase to utilize these and it SUCKS

i'll make a custom brick soon™ that you can place which will automatically get storage events assigned to them, like doors, so you can run a freebuild/fort wars gamemode without wrench events that allows people to build storage bricks

make it so there's a server pref to not show that brick and instead let the server host define their own storage bricks along with their sizes, so that they can provide their own custom brick models to come with those preset events. honestly a server mod for providing custom preset events in general for any brick without making a script to do it yourself would be cool
what i don't like about these centerprint menus is that most of them have no indication that the list can scroll lower iirc, would a server pref for sacrifing a line for ^^^ and vvv be possible?
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possible, just needs an update to support centerprint menu

the brick would be a separate mod rather than packaged into the storage event mod

This is pretty awesome.