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Ok I listened to a lot of the replies here. So if I'm going to make this, then I think I'm going to choose Godot as the engine. Why? Because its open source, free, and if soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning is limiting me or breaks, I can just modify the engine. Another thing is I have read a lot of the engine source code before and its not that hard to figure out what goes on in that engine.

A lot of the games code is going to be first prototype in gdscript, though if there is need for any optimization then c# or GDNative (aka c++), will be used.

Another thing is, modding is the first thing that I'm going to be focused on before anything else. The one thing though I need to decide is what modding language to use which is possibly the most important part. The modding languages I can think about are Lua, Wren(, C#, Dart (, if that can be used for scripting, sandboxed, or can even be embedded at all?)

if youre going with godot then use c# for modding since it already supports c#
gdscript converts pretty well to c# except for the few godot-specific stuff it does like finding nodes with $ shortcut instead of specifying path

my posts are god like

i love raycast normals

I might go with C# as the modding language since its seriously powerful and I can potentially do hot reloading on it. I already attempted to do hot reloading with c# on multiple projects before which I think I loading in c# code working.

Modding is a first priority. Though there is some things I would probably have to blacklist by default like file reading and loading outside of the addon, system stuff, etc... to keep the default addons sandboxed and prevent possible malicious code. Though I might make an option where you can allow an addon to completely do those things in case if your doing soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning more advanced that require that stuff.

I'm going to open up a discord for this project. I'm not sure if it will go anywhere but at least its worth a try.

Thanks for communicating on the Blockland Forums.

Good  choice of game engine, have heard a lot of praise about Godot.
Look into and use glTF (, not FBX.
Recommending gdscript and GDNative (aka c++) over C#.
Especially with the improvements coming for the Godot 4 release.
But be prepared to make the jump to Godot 4; which will break compatibility a lot.

Now onto my wish-list:
  • wacky and fun (inspired but not based upon Blockland) gamemodes in the base game
  • good block environment modular system (including mod-able custom procedural terrain generation)
  • hot loading, reloading and unloading of mods
  • mods can be selected from available or from an add new mod option when starting a new game and added or removed from game while playing
  • when saving or loading a save-game, active mods for that save get saved and loaded, others unloaded
  • good quality and extensive library of default blocks and a few not many nice builds and maps in the base game
  • good road plates, wheels and modular system
  • good train track system with a flexible module(/-ar) system, like Märklin make it better than Lego, with different sizes for: minecarts and rideable mini trains, tram and light rail, normal trains, large trains, extra large (XL)
  • creative mode and editor, both with block manipulation tools and some good worldedit/(procedural and non-procedural) terrain manipulation tools in the base game/computer-program
  • if continuing to use Godot, the stable release should at least use Godot 4 (or newer)
  • good performance and optimized for rendering many blocks on screen (keep an eye out for mesh shaders) with large viewing distance experience like Veloren (
That's all I can think of right now.

If you want to capture the feeling and what people like about Blockland,
maybe study the Return To Blockland history and discussions.

what u sayin he should use the terminal reality engine?