Author Topic: Trying to find this weird game from my childhood i remember near nothing about  (Read 274 times)

there was a game i played a very small amount of when i was younger, point and click "exploration" FMV type thing a la Harvester where you control a little dog going through what i believe was either greek history or the nine circles of hell, but i definitely remember being able to go to hell in it. literally all i remember about it, but what little there is is burned into my brain. you werent controlling a dog looking person, just an actual dog, but the dog had a voice? it sounded a little like Barbas from Skyrim, so maybe Barbas' voice took a little bit of inspiration from this game? idk. if anyone knows what game this is please lemme know. this stuff being explained sounds like a fever dream but i know it was real.

Never heard of it. Nostolgia is really a blurred window, alot of things stand out that shouldnt.
I say go to tipofmytounge on reddit. Theyve always helped me find rare stuff.

can ask on gaming.stackexchange, as they do game identification questions assuming you give enough info.

It might help if you have a sort of timezone that you remember playing said game, was this early 2000's ? 2010's? I assume this was a flash game??