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Original video:

funny haha

get it the joke is that its research haha do you get it it makes me aroused haha but im not a furry haha isnt that funny haha its funny because its a character from a childrens game getting forgeted with a song from the 80s playing in the background haha guys isnt that hilarious haha the joke is that shes a naked cartoon cat getting forgeted in her pusillanimous individual haha why arent you laughing

I dont get it
To explain this humorous idea originated on the Internet, you must first understand that the topic in question regards an internet meme involving the character Ankha from the video game series Animal Crossing, in which the aforementioned character is featured in an animated research parody. The internet meme involves the character Ankha having loveual intercourse while the song "Camel by Camel" by Sandy Marton plays in the background. Seeing as this is an internet meme, it is widely regarded by several individuals to be humorous. Therefore, the joke is that research funny

it is bro have you seen the dudes face in the original video its so loving stupid that its funny