Author Topic: BLS2OBJ?  (Read 2585 times)

Is there a tool for importing bls to blender as obj?

Can confirm it woks but be weary of exporting z axis right

Try this one for Blender 2.8

I've tried this one and it doesnt work for me even with blender 2.8 it either creates a flat baseplate or just gives me an error

You have to make a Blockland folder in your Documents folder, and in there, extract this pack of default bricks that were converted into the SPECIAL format and rename the 'Default Bricks' folder to 'BLS_Bricks'

If you have any import issues that mention textures that can't be found, create a base > data directory in the Blockland folder that's inside your Documents folder, then copy the 'shapes' folder from your game's actual location and paste it into the newly created base > data directory

Note that if your builds use a bunch of non-standard/default bricks, the importer may not be able to detect them
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